Nanoco Reiterates Position Against Cadmium QDs

The issue of cadmium in quantum dots has been discussed at a meeting of the European Parliament. The meeting was ongoing at the time of writing, so we cannot talk about the result – yet.

Cadmium is a toxic substance in QDs, and its use is under significant limitations in European electronic goods, under the 2003 RoHS directive. The debate in the EU Parliament focuses on whether LCD TVs using cadmium QDs should be allowed into the market. The European Commission has proposed an act exempting these products from the RoHS regulation (QD Vision Granted RoHS Exemption).

UK-based Nanoco, which produces cadmium-free QDs, has spoken out against the possibility of an exemption before (Nanoco Warns Against Cadmium QDs). CEO Michael Edelman said this month, “Extending the period of exemption of cadmium in quantum dots for use in displays from substitution requirements of EU hazardous substances regulation would effectively allow EU citizens to be exposed to a toxic substance despite the availability of safer alternatives. This clearly violates the provisions of the applicable law”.