eSports Tournament is Cautionary Tale

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A cautionary tale for any of our readers involved in the pro-gaming scene: eSport isn’t easy! Earlier this month, a tournament in Slovenia was hit by multiple major issues. Gaming Paradise was meant to feature both Counterstrike: Global Offensive and DotA 2, but the DotA proceedings were cancelled. That was just the start, though. The gaming PCs required for the event did not arrive on-time, and new GPUs had to be fitted in each machine when they did turn up. Players also found their passports held by police, as food and accommodation bills had not been paid at their hotel. The tournament stream went offline for several hours – before returning in lower quality – due to a financial disagreement between organisers The Gaming Resorts and production equipment hire companies. CEO Saša Bulić has said that he will “probably” step down, due to the problems.