Fraunhofer Shows Gladiator Results

Fraunhofer FEP has announceed that it will show OLEDs on graphene at the Plastic Electronics show, taking place on the 6th – 8th October in Dresden.

The OLEDs to be shown are the interim result of the Gladiator projector (Display Monitor Vol 20 No 45), which is funded by the European Commission. When the project was launched, its overall goal was to cost-effectively produce high-quality graphene in a larger area. More specific goals included improving the quality and size of vapour deposition graphene sheets and lowering production costs.

The Gladiator project has now reached its mid-point, and results are to be shown at Plastic Electronics. Researchers at Fraunhofer FEP hope that it can be used for flexible devices, with higher stability than today.

So far, the first defect-free OLEDs have been realised on transparent graphene electrodes, in a small area. Over the next year and a half (Gladiator runs till April 2017), the aim will be to successfully illuminate large-area OLEDs. Fraunhofer FEP says that, by the end of the project, several OLEDs will have been built using graphene electrodes: a 42cm² white OLED, to demonstrate high conductivity; and a 3cm² flexible, transparent OLED, to confirm mechanical reliability.