Epson to Showcase Innovative Lamp-Free Laser Display Solutions at TCEA 2023

Dedicated to advancing teaching and learning through technology, the TCEA is the largest nonprofit ed tech association in the U.S. Bringing together educators from around the world to connect, learn and grow, the TCEA Convention and Exposition is the organization’s biggest event of the year. Aligning with TCEA’s focus on good teaching, leading and learning through the use of technology, Epson will demonstrate its impressive lineup of lamp-free laser displays designed to remove friction points for teachers while elevating education spaces, promoting collaboration and providing laser-focused learning.

Epson’s award-winning education projector solutions are designed to transform classrooms into immersive, collaborative learning environments and empower teachers to rise above technical roadblocks with easy to use and virtually maintenance-free technology. Demonstrating the power of projection technology in the classroom and beyond, Epson will provide the experience of its latest and greatest display technology engineered with educators and students in mind to TCEA show attendees.

Continuing to invest in classroom technology and new solutions, Epson’s booth will feature eight different stations, showcasing many applications and products. This includes an ultra-short throw solution in an all-new chassis with a new optical laser engine design that can deliver a bright, bold and easy-to-rad 4K enhanced, 80-inch image from just one inch away from the wall or screen and up to 150 inches from 14 inches away. Epson will also demonstrate new BrightLink and PowerLite models, including its first web-based solution designed for instant, easy online access as well as a new mobile, non-interactive solution, powered by the Epson PowerLite 800F.

Additionally, at TCEA, Epson customer, Mark Hess, principal at Mary Helen Guest Elementary in Walled Lake, Mich., will present on “Transforming Traditional Classrooms into Active Learning Spaces.” In this session, Hess will discuss his personal experience with the design and technology selection process for creating a collaborative and engaging education environment, as well as how to support educators as they adapt to teaching in active learning classrooms.

Having access to technology that seamlessly integrates into today’s “always-on” classrooms and one-on-one student device sharing as well as the ability to easily shift content and move displays around is key for educators.  Epson’s flexible and powerful lamp-free laser displays are designed to make the most out of education spaces while empowering educators and enhancing learning environments. Built with integrated tools for simpler use, setup and management, Epson lamp-free laser displays offer big, vibrant images with convenient, user-friendly collaboration options to meet the needs of educators and students today.