Embedded World Buzzes – ED Conference is Bigger

Karlheinz BlankenbachProf Karlheinz Blankenbach kicked off the 31st Electronic Display conferece in Nuremberg. The event takes place alongside the Embedded World exhibition and we usually get around that show. We were unable to attend more than one morning of the conference, but we enjoyed the sessions.

The conference was notably bigger than previous years with a much larger room (and a good projector!). The exhibition was about the same size as before and had a good buzz as embedded technologies are really the core of the Internet of Things. We thought there were fewer display companies in the exhibition than the last couple of years. However, we only had very limited time, so couldn’t really look at everyone we would have liked to. It seemed to me that there were fewer Taiwanese and Korean display companies, but more Chinese companies, but we haven’t done a scientific comparison.