Eizo Shows HDR Prototype

Professional monitor maker, Eizo, was at NAB and showed a prototype of an HDR monitor. This uses an LCD panel and reaches 1000 cd/m² of peak luminance. They are working to achieve 90% of BT-2020 color gamut using quantum dot technology.

We were baffled as the company said they will not include local dimming, so the monitor will achieve a contrast of 2000:1. Can this be called an HDR monitor with that level of contrast?

Eizo says the product is a year away and that they intend to include support for the PQ and HLG HDR formats. It will support 4K-DCi resolution and probably be priced in the $10K range.

The content they showed had a very poor grade with highlights blown out. This product clearly needs a lot of work. – CC

Analyst Comment

As we have pointed out elsewhere in this report, including local dimming is an issue for broadcast monitors as it can mean that an undesirable effect on the display can be an artefact of the local dimming, not of the content and that may cause problems in monitoring. To that extent, a broadcast monitor is more of an analytical instrument than just a great display. (BR)