EIZO Monitors Among First to Obtain TCO Certified Generation 9 Sustainability Certification

EIZO Corporation (TSE: 6737) announced that eight of its FlexScan business monitors are among the first products to meet the new TCO Certified Generation 9 criteria.

TCO Certified, organized by TCO Development Sweden, is the world’s comprehensive sustainability certification for IT products. It concerns socially responsible manufacturing and environmental awareness, including the handling of hazardous substances and recycling, as well as user ergonomics, human rights, health and safety, and ethics. EIZO has been certified since the inception of TCO Certified in 1992 and has continue to meet progressively expanding and more sophisticated requirements. Almost all of EIZO’s products for the business enterprise market are certified according to the generation most recently implemented at the time of the product’s release.

The criteria under the new TCO Certified Generation 9 has been made more stringent than previous generations, making it more challenging to obtain certification. The criteria include stricter company requirements that support initiatives for a sustainable society, including caring for the environment.

Some of the stricter criteria include:

Care for the environment and safety

  • Use of TCO Certified safer flame retardants and plasticizers for power supply boards and exterior plastics
  • Use of safer cleaning solvents in the manufacturing process

Recycle-oriented society

  • Evaluate and disclose the environmental impact of each stage of the product life cycle (material procurement, manufacturing, transportation, use, disposal, and recycling)
  • Evaluate the ease of repair

Responsible manufacturing

  • Prepare management systems for labor, health and safety, environment, and ethics throughout the supply chain
  • Develop a management system that meets the ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System
  • Acquisition of ISO 50001 Energy Management System

As a Visual Technology Company whose philosophy is to contribute to the enrichment of society, EIZO is committed to caring for the environment. Being TCO Certified is one of the ways EIZO works towards sustainability to promote positive change for the future.

In addition to the below listed models, EIZO plans to receive certifications for future products.

Certified Monitors

FlexScan EV3895, EV2795, EV2760, EV2495, EV2485, EV2480, EV2460, EV2360