DVIGear Extends HDMI to 1.2 Miles

The DVI-7313 and DVI-7314 are single-fibre extenders supporting DCI-4k (30fps) signals, sending them up to 500m (DVI-7313) or 1.2 miles (DVI-7314). Aimed at the pro AV and rental & staging markets, DVIGear’s new products support HDMI and DVI inputs. The DVI-7313 supports multi-mode optical fibre, while the DVI-7314 supports both multi- and single-mode fibre.

To avoid the issue of chromatic dispersion (which can affect single-fibre extenders over long distances), the new units combine the DVI/HDMI signal channels into a single uncompressed 10.3Gbps bit stream. The maximum video bit-rate is 3.4Gbps, with 12-bit colour also supported.

DVIGear is selling its new extenders now, for $700 (DVI-7313) or $800 (DVI-7314) per pair.

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Chromatic dispersion is the spreading of a light pulse as it travels down a fibre, when light pulses launched close together (high data rates) spread too much and result in errors and a loss of information.