DVB UHD Phase 2 Now an ETSI Standard

The DVB, which coordinates the technical side of broadcasting in Europe and, increasingly globally, has announced that ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) has published the DVB Video & Audio Coding Specification as an ETSI standard which paves the way for the roll out of UHD-1 Phase 2 services. New features that would then be available for broadcasters to use in a standardised way include HDR (using HLG or PQ-based EOTFs) and high frame rates (HFR). The DVB believes that services could be introduced later this year. DVB said that that some 50 online meetings and 10 days of physical meetings took place in TM-AVC during the year that it was working on the specification.

The specification is TS 101 154 V2.3.1 and can be downloaded freely from ETSI at this link.

Analyst Comment

This development should set up a lot of demonstrations of HDR and HFR at IBC this year. (BR)