HbbTV and DTG Update Tests

The HbbTV Association said that version 9.2 of its test suite has now been released. The aim of this release of the Test Suite is to support the certification of devices coming to market in 2018 for all versions of the HbbTV standard.

Separately, the DTG in the UK has released the D-Book 9 Conformance Test Suites that support the D-Book 9 that was published last November (D-Book 9 Here in the UK). There are four main Test Suites available; SI/PSI Test Suite, MHEG Test Suite, Linear Services Test Suite and DTR Test Suite. These Test Suites can be used on devices implementing either MHEG or HbbTV (as well as dual-stack devices) – so, where applicable, all test cases that include an MHEG application now have an HbbTV application on the same service. The HbbTV applications are signalled as requiring the same level of device functionality anticipated for many applications that are soon to launch on the DTT platform.