DivX & MainConcept Stay Busy

DivX and MainConcept have now split again from Rovi and had their own booth. Emphasis at the show was on HEVC support and new codecs and the company was showing live encoding of three simultaneous streams of 1/2, 1.5 and 4 Mbits for Dash applications. There was also a demonstration of the latest Divx web player. The company has developed “de-glitching” technology for audio and video when the Dash architecture transforms between different bitstreams.

MainConcept, the codec side of the firm, was showing its TotalCode Studio and Enterprise offline transcoding technology for MPEG-DASH and HEVC file creation. It now supports XAVC and XAVCS as well, with formats up to 4K DCI, 10 bit and Rec 2020 format support.

The company told us that it had been surprised to find that an LG TV it tested supported full 10 bit colour operation. Because of this, the demo content for UltraHD that LG is shipping to buyers of its UltraHD content, was encoded in 10bit and 40Mbps on the “My Passport” drive (it helps the copy protection that the files become very big!). When it is first used, the drive gets the identity of the LG set and the content is then uniquely tied to that set using Divx’s DRM+ player.

DivX Omniview technology is designed to support the delivery of high quality OTT content that maintains DRM over live streams, using HEVC or DASH. The technology also allows “trick play” modes such as FF and pause as well as creating thumbnails for chapters etc. This offers a “DVD experience over IP”, staff told us.