DisplayMate Measures A Couple of TVs

Ray Soneira of DisplayMate, no doubt with some support from LG Displays, has published a detailed review of an LG IPS TV (LG 65SJ9500 Nano Cell 65 inch TV) and a Samsung set (Samsung 65Q8 Quantum Dot 65 inch TV).

In the article, which explains the difference between the IPS panel used in the LG and the VA panel used in the Samsung. Unsurprisingly, for those of us that have been in the industry for some time, he found that the IPS panel doesn’t change in colour as much as the Samsung when viewed off-axis.

Analyst Comment

I regard Ray as incorruptible with regard to his results. However, I assume that his time in creating this very detailed document was funded by LG who, presumably, also decided on the topic. A danger of the approach of looking at just a single topic, in this case, viewing angle, is that it may give the impression that viewing angle is the only important attribute. If viewing angle was the only issue, then why would Samsung use VA? After all, Samsung has made IPS panels itself (although it calls them PLS).

One of the reasons is that the VA panels have much better black levels than IPS when viewed on axis. Ray didn’t look at that issue, which is his right, but I would have valued the article more highly if he had also compared contrast in the on-axis position. Perhaps he will follow up with something on that. (BR)

DisplayMate Screenshots