Display Glossary

 The following articles appeared in Display Monitor’s “Word of the Week” section. They define certain words or terms used in computer graphics and display technology.


Some of the definitions may be a little dated now, but we leave them as we have been told that they are still useful. (Brief additions as updates were added in July 2006) 

To view the definitions, just click on the relevant word:

Active Matrix (AM/TFT) LEP
ALiS Light Valve
Alpha-Blending Light Valve Amplifier (ILA)
Anisotropic Filtering Liquid Crystal (LC)
Anode MIP Map
Antialiasing Moiré
Aperture Grille Multi-Domain Vertical Alignment (MVA)
Beam-Focusing OLED
Bi/Tri-Linear Filtering PALC
Braun Tube Plasma Display
Control Grid Point Sampling
Deflection Circuit Polysilicon
Deflection Yoke Radiosity
Dongle Ray Tracing
Dynamic Beam Forming Saddle-Saddle Yoke
Dynamic Focus SED
Electro-Luminescence (EL) Shading
FED Shadow Mask
Gyrating Light Valve (GLV) SOLED
High-Field Electro-Luminescents Super Twisted Nematic (STN/DSTN) LCs
In-Plane Switching Twisted Nematic (TN) LCs
LED Z-Buffer