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The Universal Display Corporation (UDC) is one of the most prominent developers of Organic Light Emitting Devices (OLEDs). Working with researchers at Princeton University and the University of Southern California, it has produced several …

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The word “moiré” comes from the French word for mohair and is defined as “having a watered or wavelike pattern” (Collins English Dictionary). Moiré patterns can occur whenever similar, regular patterns are superimposed on …

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beam length

Deflection Circuit

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The deflection yoke’s electromagnets are used to alter the path of the electron beam in a CRT. The job of synchronising the influence exerted by each of the yoke’s two magnets, and so controlling …

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Display Glossary

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 The following articles appeared in Display Monitor’s “Word of the Week” section. They define certain words or terms used in computer graphics and display technology.   Some of the definitions may be a little …

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