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No Rebound for Global PC Monitor Market Until 2025

by Shawnee Blackwood

There’s been a discernible transition from a market that was majorly driven by commercial sales to one where consumer preferences play a more dominant role.

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When lines are to be drawn, or images positioned, on a computer screen, a consistent method of specifying screen locations has to be used. As computer displays are made up of columns and rows …

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Twisted nematic LCs

Twisted Nematic (TN) LCs

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For nearly a hundred years after Friedrich Reinitzer observed cholesteryl benzoate changing into its liquid crystal state in 1888, nine years before the invention of the CRT, liquid crystals remained little more than a …

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Super Twisted Nematic LC

Super Twisted Nematic (STN/DSTN) LCs

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The development of the twisted nematic liquid crystal (TNLC), with its 90° twist, made the production of commercially viable LCDs possible. Though relatively cheap to make and requiring very little power (hence their use …

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The Universal Display Corporation (UDC) is one of the most prominent developers of Organic Light Emitting Devices (OLEDs). Working with researchers at Princeton University and the University of Southern California, it has produced several …

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Shadow Mask

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Before the stream of electrons produced by the CRT’s cathode reach the phosphor coated faceplate, it encounters the shadow mask, a sheet of metal etched with a pattern of holes. The mask is positioned …

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flat shading


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Objects in 3D scenes are most commonly created by fitting together a large number of polygons (usually triangles), edge to edge, creating a “wire-frame” which approximates the object’s surface. By drawing only those triangles …

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FEDs have proved difficult to develop and many companies had dropped their development projects in favour of other technologies. One company, however, has been working on a variation of the FED which currently looks …

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saddle-saddle yoke

Saddle-Saddle Yoke

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The most common form of deflection yoke used in early colour monitors is known as a saddle-toroidal yoke. Its name comes from the shapes of the vertical and horizontal deflection electro-magnets’ windings. The winding …

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Ray Tracing

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Effective as they can be at producing recognisable 3D scenes, Gouraud and Phong shading will never produce anything that could be described as photo-realistic. To achieve this, it’s necessary to use rendering techniques that …

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Ray tracing mimics the reflection and refraction of light rays in a 3D scene to produce image detail surpassing anything possible using Phong shading. Effective as it is, though, ray tracing by itself will …

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Most silicon chips are made of single crystal silicon, which has a very low resistance to electron flow. However, silicon can exist in different forms (just as carbon can exist in the form of …

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