Discover the Power of USB-C, Ultra-Neat Connectivity for Modern Professionals

Imagine a single cable carrying both video, data and power signal for the screen. For a professional, a tidy workspace is always easier to setup and configure, and it also smooth the way for productivity. This new USB-C cable is slim and ultra-neat, on top of reducing clutter, it also enables and boosts a major monitor portability. It’s not science-fiction, it’s the USB-C technology.

AOC has indeed implemented this new emerging standard in some of its latest models, to ensure a greater user-experience.

Thanks to this single cable, you can connect and power up the monitor simultaneously: the display signal is transferred via USB-C (DisplayPort alternate mode), as well as SuperSpeed data, while powering and charging your laptop at the same time (USB Power Delivery). One USB-C port delivers up to 100W to your devices.

This new technology frontier ensures a simple plug & play experience: as the plug is symmetrical, it eliminates the frustrations and fumbling of earlier USB ports. Forget the correct orientation that made us all overthink and flip the cable countless of times – The USB-C cable is the new dream that will guarantee to make your life a lot simpler.

Faster and faster

USB-C usual protocol is either USB 3.1 or USB 3.2, supporting a max speed of 10 Gbps (and even 20 Gbps through USB 3.2 Gen 2×2). With such an increased speed, it makes your business more productive as your data transfers are now completed in a fraction of time. You’ll be ahead of others from day one.

Thanks to AOC USB-C monitors you will be able to:

  • Extendyour laptop autonomy without external power supply
  • Chargeyour phone and any smart devices while working
  • Plugexternal devices you need directly to the monitor
  • Transferyour data (or contents) rapidly and easily

Work solutions

USB-C is great for many businesses and professionals, powering and improving their work life.

If you’re looking for the highest connectivity, go straight for a P2 model. The 24P2C and the 27P2C are special future-proof choices with the most versatile connections, including a USB-C input alongside their USB hubs. Additionally, the USB 3.2 ensures lightning-fast data transmission. These two models also feature the built-in KVM switch, that enables seam-less switch of the connected keyboard and mouse between two different sources.

The perfect monitor can be both cutting-edge inside and stunning outside. The Red Dot Design Award-winningU32U1 combines the best of two worlds – the audacious design from Studio F. A. Porsche and the top-notch display technology from AOC, making it an ideal choice for photography and video editing professionals. It also features an integrated USB-C port, for a fast and high-quality transfer of data and images.

AOC has the perfect solution with integrated USB-C for those professionals who often work commuting or need a second portable monitor for business presentations: the AOC I1601FWUX ensures an extra 15.6” real-estate, featuring USB-C port, for easy and fast connection and power.

With the emerging standard for work life, USB-C is going to appear in more and more devices on all types. AOC ensures to provide users with better experiences in any situation, aiming to improve productivity, connectivity, and comfortability with the best monitors.