Dimenco/KDX Give Simulated Reality Demo

Dimenco has been a long time developer of auto-stereoscopic lenticular-based 3D displays. They are now owned by China-based KDX which also offers similar 3D products. At CES 2018, the companies announce a new initiative called Simulated Reality. The idea is to try to replicate what a user of VR or AR would see, feel and experience – but without any headgear.

At NAB, we got to see their latest demo in a suite at the Renaissance Hotel. The set up consisted of their multi-view autostereoscopic display, eye tracking technology, an array of speakers, a leap motion controller and a haptic pad to provide tactile feedback. Content was the 3D Blu-ray disc of the Blade Runner 2049 movie. The eye tracking was used to shift the stereo image from zone to zone with slight head movements.


Unfortunately, the demo was not very impressive. Some scenes looked ok in stereo, but other were unwatchable. This is partly due to my aging eyes which make it hard to fuse aggressive 3D images. Many scenes had too much parallax so I could not fuse the 3D. Plus, the eye tracking was inconsistent leading to very obvious jumps between zones (apparently they opted to show stereo and not a multi-view image). The sound was fine and the Leap Motion controller worked well, but the disturbing visuals were very distracting leading to a poor experience overall.

This is a good idea but with a poor implementation. Unfortunately, it is all centered around their 3D display, which is just not making the grade. – CC