Digital Projection Demos New Format for Simulation Market

Digital Projection was at I/ITSEC to show off its Insight 4K projectors with laser phosphor sources (Digital Projection Wows CEDIA with Insight 4K Projectors) as well as its M-Vision series with LED source. But it also showed a modified version of the Insight 4K Laser in a 4:3 aspect ratio. This offered a resolution of 2880 x 2160 – what DP now calls QSX+.

This aspect ratio was created by using a different light guide and illumination optics to light up the 4096 x 2160 resolution DMD chips. According to DP’s Simulation Product Manager, Phil Laney, “We thought that a projector with 4:3 aspect ratio would be well received as it can more efficiently fill dome displays compared to 1.89:1 or 16:10 displays. It also offers a nice retrofit upgrade for installations that currently have 4:3 aspect ratio projectors. These include a lot of M2-DART and rear-projected facets in the field.” The demo was done to gather feedback for commercialization in 2016.

The M-Vision LED projector was there to start to educate customers that wider color gamut projectors are here and may be useful in some simulation applications. This needs to be better understood, but DP wants to start this dialog with the industry.

DP also showed a very bright E-Vision model with 8500 lumens driven with laser phosphor and a single-projector partial dome demo, which it showed last year as well. The E-Vision 6600, offing 6800 lumens, was recently selected by Meggitt Training Systems, the supplier of the US Army’s next generation virtual small arms trainer, EST II (Engagement Skills Trainer).