Epson Showcases AR training Applications


Epson used I/ITSEC 2015 to show offs its line of augmented reality glasses – and their applications for training and simulation.

Last June, the company released an industrialized version of its consumer AR glasses called the Moverio Pro BT-2000. It features a similar optical engine as the consumer version (twin 960×540 resolution LCDs projected onto prisms that sit in front of the eyes), called BT-200, but with increased brightness (now up to 1350cd/m²) (Epson to Demonstrate Latest Moverio BT-200 AR Applications at SIGGRAPH 2015). Housed in a much more ruggedized design, the BT-2000 also moves from a single to a stereo camera solution located above the nose bridge. This allows for much better depth sensing for improved AR applications.

The basic IMU in the consumer version is also replaced with a professional grade one that Epson says cost them $2000 (the BT-2000 sells for $3K and will ship in the next couple of weeks, while the BT-200 developer version is only $499). The new product also provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connectivity with external interface devices such as keyboards, mouses and headsets. There is voice interpretation and recognition for easier hand-free operation and two hot-swappable batteries. It runs on an Andriod OS, is dust and waterproof and has an improved headband.

One of the partners in the Epson booth was Augmenta. They have developed a gesture-based interface for the BT-2000 that uses the stereo camera to capture hand gestures to perform various tasks.

We tried it out using our left hand as a backdrop for the menu screen and our index finger to select items. Clenching your fist moves to another screen while other gestures like hand swipes and thumbs up can do similar things.

Meanwhile, the BT-200 was being shown to provide a see-thru viewing capability for drone guidance, stereoscopic medical imaging and virtual theme park applications.

Epson said they are working on the next generation version of the BT-200, but really had no details to reveal.