Digital Projection Adopts Vioso For Blending and Warping

Digital Projection, in partnership with Vioso, has announced the availability of its range of projectors now with integrated blending and warping solutions. Vioso was borne of a university research project ten years ago has developed intelligent software solutions for projector warping and blending and projection mapping onto any surface. The company’s initial technology was in the field of 3D-mapping, dome projection and industrial applications.

The combined solution offers the following features:

  • Export of data to tools such as AV Stumpfl Wings, MPCDI or 3D data.

  • Support for Spout (on PCs) to add warping and blending to applications.

  • Support for 4K-warping, including multi-channel, 4K-lens full dome support and support for fisheye lenses.

  • Optimisation of edge blending calculations for the projector range.