Denso Has Largest HUD

Denso of Japan (a Toyota group company) has announced a HUD, based on an LCD imager, that has a nearly 24″ (60cm) display image onto car windscreens and will be released in November 2017 and featured on the new 2018 Lexus LS.

The virtual screen is focused around 3 metres ahead of the driver to avoid significant changes in accommodation by the driver and will provide information including speed limits, driving speed and also about external objects including pedestrians. A lane changing system indicates the correct lane to follow at interchanges and junctions. The HUD has been made bright to ensure it will be visible in bright light.

Denso’s Head up display has a 24″ display

Analyst Comment

We couldn’t track down many details of this HUD, but it should be at CES if we don’t see it before. (BR)