Samsung to Support VR/AR Start-ups

Samsung Electronics has announced that it will invest in seven new start-ups created by Samsung employees, off the back of the company’s C-Lab programme, which encourages spin-offs from projects.

Among the seven start-ups receiving support from Samsung is Hyperity, a VR/AR solution that allows users to view and control content from a computer or a smartphone via 4G and Wi-Fi, without the need for a physical monitor. Hyperity can manage multiple screens at once, and even works with graphically-demanding video games. The start-up is also planning a wearable version of the device to complement the full-fat experience.

HyperityHyperity is developing virtual work screens

Another virtual reality solution that Samsung will support is Linkface, that detects biological signals from facial and eye movements, allowing users to control VR content with their face. The technology can also be used to conduct market research, converting facial expressions into analytical data to measure user response.