Hyundai Mobis Unveils Futuristic Panoramic Display System with Adaptive Safety Features

Hyundai Mobis is introducing the next iteration of its integrated driver’s system, M.VICS 5.0. This system consolidates various display technologies into a seamless, panoramic digital cockpit that goes pillar-to-pillar. The core concept of this design is part of the company’s development motto “All You Can See,” emphasizing the convergence of diverse display technologies into a unified and immersive experience.

The next-generation integrated driver’s system, M.VICS 5.0. (Source: Hyundai)

As such, the M.VICS 5.0 features a wide-screen cockpit that integrates five distinct display panels, each designed to function both independently and collectively. The primary 27-inch screen serves as the dashboard, providing navigation information and media content, while a 12.3-inch high-definition screen is dedicated to the passenger. Additionally, a 7-inch screen displays various vehicle status information, and button controls are incorporated for enhanced usability. There is also a driver’s side projection display with touch and haptic feedback positioned below the main screen.

This system is designed to adapt dynamically to different driving situations. For instance, in the standard ‘Drive Mode,’ a portion of the display panel retracts below the dashboard, transforming into a smaller, more focused display. In ‘Theater Mode’ for media consumption or ‘Relax Mode’ for resting, the steering wheel lowers, and the seat tilts, with the display adjusting its tilt and size accordingly.

The large-screen display features lighting technology on both sides to warn of potential rear-side collisions during boarding or alighting. It also includes color scenarios designed to reduce motion sickness. Cameras mounted on the steering wheel and above the driver’s seat monitor the driver’s drowsiness and attention levels in real-time, issuing emergency warnings if necessary.

For M.VICS 5.0 Hyundai lays claim to nine new patents related to parts, mechanical package design, and UX technology. In 2023 alone, Hyundai Mobis registered over 1,700 patents.