Datapath Loops Outputs in Display Controller

Datapath’s new multi-display controller, the Fx4, features the ability to support UltraHD at 60fps, and can adjust to input changes by automatically adjusting all scale factors, such as bezel correction. All interfaces support HDCP content and can be programmed and controlled independently.

The Fx4 has DisplayPort and HDMI 1.4 (x2) inputs, as well as either DisplayPort (x4) or HDMI (x4) outputs. Regardless of output type, they can be daisy-chained to build large video walls. Dual RJ45 ports are also featured, meaning that – if used in a chain – only one controller needs to be connected to the internet, as loop-through is supported on these, as well.

Datapath’s Wall Designer software is pre-installed, which supports video wall creation. The company is selling the Fx4 now.