Cynora Promises Blue TADF in 2017

OLED Info has conducted an interview with Dr. Andreas Haldi, the CMO of Cynora, the German start up that is working on TADF materials. The key development highlighted was that the firm expects to start to introduce a commercial blue material with EQE above 15% and with a CIEy color coordinate of <0.1. Haldi said that lifetime is 100h (at typical brightness) to 97% brightness. He said that materials have already been developed that meet the lifetime requirement.

The company continues to try to develop deep blue materials. It expects to also develop other colours, but there is a current weakness in blue materials, so Cynora sees this as an opportunity. It sees inkjet printing as not being feasible until 2020/2021 and expects to be able to make solution-processable materials for that manufacturing method. Cynora is working with a Chinese joint venture on the technology. (Cynora and Juhua To Collaborate on OLED TVs)