Xbox ‘Scorpio’ Supports VRR & HDR

Microsoft has announced the specifications for its next XBox version which will support UltraHD game play with high frame rates. While the XBox One has 12 compute cores in the GPU and around 12 Teraflops of processing, the ‘Scorpio’ will have 40, running at higher speed and with a faster clock and memory interface.

Games can run at UltraHD and 60fps and Digital Foundry was shown a game (Forza) that was running at that rate, with GPU utilisation of 60% to 70%, although games designed to run on lower consoles at 30fps will need modifcation. The Scorpio will have 12GB of RAM and will have an HDMI 2.1 output and Microsoft has told Eurogamer that the output will support variable frame rates (VRR) for non-tearing graphics. It will also support AMD Freesync 2.

Pricing is yet to be announced.

The Forza demo has good image quality. – click for higher resolution

Analyst Comment

The question is “Who has a TV with VRR support”. As far as we are aware, currently that is nobody! (BR)