LG Display – 50% of Revenue to Come From OLED

At the Finetech conference in Tokyo, Japan, LG Display’s CTO, Kang In-Byeong said that the company only saw 10% of its revenue coming from OLED in 2016, but that it expects more than 50% to come from the technology by 2020. In his speech, quoted by OLED-Net, he said that OLED prices are falling faster than LCD prices. He also said that LG would have six times as much capacity in large OLED making in 2017 and 14 times as much capacity for flexible OLEDs.

Kang also said that LG will go beyond 77″ and will develop 8K OLEDs as well as working on ‘wallpaper’ concepts, ‘crystal sound OLED’, rollable, transparent and commercial displays.

In a second session, York Zhao of CSOT said that his firm expects inkjet printing of OLED to get costs down to the point where OLED is within 20% to 30% of LCD and could then replace LCD for many buyers. CSOT is a member of the Juhua consortium (Cynora and Juhua To Collaborate on OLED TVs).

Analyst Comment

In this issue, Cynora has forecast that inkjet printing may not be ready for volume production until 2020/2021 (Cynora Promises Blue TADF in 2017). As we have reported, Kateeva, which makes inkjet equipment has been increasing its facilities and staff for production of OLEDs. It also said that at SID last year that it can print OLEDs, although its equipment is used for encapsulation at the moment. (Kateeva Doubles Its Factory Space for OLED Equipment). LG Display has said that it is experimenting with inkjet production of OLEDs.

However, as we have pointed out, if LG could use ‘QD in filter’ technology in its OLEDs, it might not need to pattern its OLEDs with inkjets. (BR)