Continental Speaks about Augmented Reality HUDs AT GTC 2016

During the GTC 2016 conference, Continental reported on its efforts in developing an augmented reality HUD that exceeds the capabilities of today’s automotive head up displays. While a HUD is increasingly becoming an automotive technology available to most car buyers (similar to GPS navigation a few years ago), augmented reality in the car has so far been pure R&D. This may change in the not so far future if Continental is successful with its next generation HUD technology.

As reported by Road Show (C-net), Continental is making progress towards the ultimate HUD. According to the article, they are close to a solution, which could mean that we may see such a solution in a real car in the next few years. Technology adoption cycles have become much shorter, even in the automotive industry. According to the Continental website, the technology may be ready in 2016 to go into series production, although this sounds more like marketing talk rather than actual market readiness.

Continental HUDContinental HUD – Image:Continental

The technology is using 60Hz refresh rates as well as high resolution GPS to accomplish an augmented reality feel. This means that the system knows where objects are, based on pre-recorded GPS data. There was no mention of video processing of the surroundings as an aid in identifying the world around the car. This maybe the next step, though. The website also mentions that such a system will be using a DMD based projection approach rather than the LCD approach they are using today. This would align with the TI statements we reported on at CES 2016. – NH