Nvidia Shows Super Low Latency Display at GTC 2016

According to several articles by, Road to VR, Geeky Gadgets, Game Debate and others, Nvidia demoed a 1,700Hz display during its GTC 2016 conference in April 2016. According to the reports and a video ( on YouTube Nvidia is pushing the envelope of refresh rates to its limits.

If you think 144Hz is great, how does 1,700Hz sound? This is the question Nvidia posed during the conference when it also said that this is a zero latency display. Nvidia also suggests that this technology could be used for virtual reality displays to minimize any effects that might cause nausea.

Analyst Comment

While latency has always been an issue for serious gamers, 1,700Hz sounds like a lot of overkill for such an application.This seems an interesting approach to deal with the VR effects for consumers. Even in the latest VR headsets minimum age suggestions and use duration limits indicate that there is still much to be learned on how to build a better VR device. Nevertheless, faster displays maybe part of solving these issues. – NH