Complex TV Production to be Democratised?

A company called Cinamaker has said that it would show a multi-camera video streaming technology that is claimed to allow the easy creation and broadcasting of multi-camera TV shows at SXSW. A tablet can be used as the production controller.

The Cinamaker Director Pad App consolidates streaming video from up to four different smartphone cameras or compatible video cameras and four additional audio sources into a single high quality HD video broadcast, complete with a newsroom style graphics engine featuring, picture-in-picture, chroma-key and other advanced capabilities usually found on desktop and dedicated live-streaming systems.

The edited video can be recorded and or streamed live to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope or other video streaming services that use RTMP technology. The raw multi-camera HD footage can also be imported into popular video editing programs like Final Cut, Premiere and Avid.

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Analyst Comment

It’s amazing how quickly video technology is becoming democratised. (BR)