CNMC: Over-the-Top Popularity Grows in Spain

The popularity of over-the-top (OTT) televsion services in Spain is increasing in popularity, according to data from The National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC).

According to the CNMC’s report, Netflix’s subscriber count has more than doubled in the last six months, up 54% from 540,000 to 1.16 million. Meanwhile, HBO has gained 414,000 subscribers since it launched six months ago.

Amazon Prime Video is now watched in 1.1% of Spanish homes, while Telefónica’s Movistar+ en Dispositivos is the market leader with 12.6% of households and over 2 million subscribers.

Overall, OTT services have reached 22.5% of internet-connected homes in Spain, up from 12% six months ago. CNMC also released viewership figures for free OTT platforms. YouTube is watched by 58% of users, followed by Altresplayer on 42%, then with 33% and on 29%.