Christie’s Inspire Series Laser Projectors Installed at Tourist Attractions in China’s Guangdong Province

Tourist attractions in China’s southern Guangdong province have chosen Christie’s Inspire Series 1DLP laser projectors as their preferred projection system. The installations at the China Qiaodu Museum of Overseas Chinese, Jiangmen Local Chronicles Hall, and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Talent Hub have been wowing audiences with vibrant visuals and immersive experiences. Over 80 projectors, including the Christie DWU760-iS, DWU860-iS, and DWU960-iS models, have been supplied and installed by Christie’s partner Jianye Display.

The China Qiaodu Museum of Overseas Chinese showcases the struggles and significant contributions of overseas Chinese from Jiangmen. The museum utilizes nearly two dozen Christie DWU760-iS and DWU860-iS projectors to illuminate various digital exhibits, including projections of the Maritime Silk Road map, Chinese emigration silhouette displays, and historical portrayals of migration. These installations also highlight the overseas Chinese contributions to railroad construction and Chinese language education.

At the Jiangmen Local Chronicles Hall, 40 Christie DWU760-iS and DWU860-iS laser projectors have been installed to present a comprehensive showcase of Jiangmen’s history and ongoing development across different aspects such as nature, politics, economy, society, and culture. The exhibition hall provides a holistic and organized presentation of Jiangmen’s rich history and current progress.

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Talent Hub serves as a cutting-edge facility that caters to skilled individuals in the Greater Bay Area. The exhibition areas within the Talent Hub are powered by over a dozen Christie DWU860-iS and DWU960-iS laser projectors, along with a Christie 4K7-HS 1DLP laser projector. These projectors deliver colorful projections on a large curved screen, creating a vast and lifelike environment for visitors. Additionally, a 270-degree panoramic display transports guests into the projected content, making them an integral part of the experience.