Is This the World’s Largest LED Canvas?

AV Magazine has been covering a topic of great interest. which starts with the Now Building at Outernet London, poised to become one of the most visited attractions in the UK this year. The futuristic venue is expected to welcome over 4 million guests in 2023. This would place it among the top attractions nationwide, surpassing institutions like the Natural History Museum (4.6 million visitors in 2022) and British Museum (4.1 million).

Source: AOTO

The draw of the Now Building lies largely in its cutting-edge display capabilities. The structure features over 2,000 square meters of floor-to-ceiling LED screens with 8K resolution and 360-degree visuals. Instead of hundreds of standard controllers, the imagery is powered by just three exclusive 64K AOTO units. The setup provides unmatched pixel density and immersive digital art exhibitions.

The displays utilize future-forward techniques like holography and augmented reality as well. Images practically leap off the expansive screens to envelop audiences. The visual feats are complemented by networked L-Acoustics and QSC sound systems for pristine spatial audio.

Since opening, Outernet has partnered with various arts organizations and brands to showcase the technology. Executives remain optimistic about continuing to expand offerings using the state-of-the-art LED canvas. Additional Outernet locations featuring similar setups are also planned internationally.