Changhong Lets Us Down

Changhong was showing many products that had been introduced at IFA, including its short-throw projector. The stand was mostly conceptual items and there were, as always, few people capable of talking about the products in any detail.

The most noticeable ‘finished’ product was a curved UltraHD quantum dot TV (using QDs from 3M) called the ChiQ QD2C. This will be supplied in 55″, 65″ and 77″ sizes this year, with Android smart functionality.

The Q1C will accompany the Q2C, although – we imagine – on a very limited release. This is Changhong’s 105″ curved 5k TV, with smart functionality, 3D and voice control.

A 65″ curved UltraHD OLED set, the Q2A, was also shown on the stand, but there are no immediate plans to release it. The TV runs Android 4.2, with face recognition, MHL-HDMI and access to Changhong’s C-Store. It uses an LG panel.

That was it for TVs! The company also showed a VR HMD, but once again there was no-one around who knew anything about it. It appeared to use microdisplays and the quality was quite high (text was very readable), but the controls simply cycled between two different menus, so it was difficult to judge!