Cellid, Inc. to Start Shipping Samples of FOV 60-degree Waveguide Display Module

Cellid, Inc. announced that it will start supplying samples of “Cellid Waveguide 60”, the display module mounting the world’s-widest-class FOV 60 degree display in waveguide architecture.

This display module is an innovative device designed for AR glasses which consists of the wider FOV waveguide and the 1.2 cc size ultra-compact projector with micro-LED. Samples on coming offer generates green single color. Full-color version samples are expected to begin supplying around February 2022.

Display modules specialized for AR glasses which have been seen as “the next devices after smartphones” are required to achieve both “downsizing” and “wider FOV” simultaneously. Our Cellid Waveguide 60 successfully managed to deliver far wider FOV and more compact size than any similar existing modules in the current market.

Our engineering team has strong expertise in the optical designing on back of the computer simulation ability by Satoshi Shiraga, CEO and the former researcher in CERNi and the seasoned production engineering knowledge by Toshiaki Shozu, our chief engineer and the former senior engineer in Olympus.

i CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research