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Mojo Vision and DigiLens Partnering on AR/XR Technology Push

by Shawnee Blackwood

The collaboration between the two companies aims to combine their respective technologies to enhance the performance, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency of AR/XR devices.

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VividQ Demo application

VividQ Demonstration Really is Holographic

by Bob Raikes

At the SID Display Week in 2022, I just missed (blame trade show email issues) a demonstration of some very intriguing technology from VividQ in Cambridge, UK. In early January, the firm held some …

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Niantic Using Lumis Waveguide – Guttag Investigates

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Occasional DD contributor and HMD guru, Karl Guttag, has published a blog post in which he speculates (based on a forensic analysis of published videos in comparison to his own photos) …

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OQmented has a Great Story on LBS

by Bob Raikes

The first invited speaker to the DSCC AR & VR forum (DSCC AR & VR Virtual Event – Chansin Looks at the Big Picture) was Ulrich Hofmann of OQmented, a spin-off from the Fraunhofer …

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SDC Talks Up its ‘Disruptive Display Industry Innovation’

by Bob Raikes

Dr JS Choi is President and CEO of Samsung Display (SDC) and he gave a keynote address at the recent IMID conference with the title “Changing (the) display industry with disruptive innovation”. We listened …

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lumus maximus awe 2022 6 3 e1654628837526

Lumus Brings out its Latest AR headset

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Lumus, a waveguide specialist, has been showing its latest AR headset at AWE in Santa Clara. It is now using what it calls 2D expansion (which sounds like the same kind …

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What Displays Have to Do to Bring AR Superpowers

by Bob Raikes

One of my vices is trying to play musical instruments and a lot of musicians suffer from ‘option paralysis’. That is to say, when presented with the infinite flexibility of DSP-based digital options, they …

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TriLite and Dispelix to create AR glasses projection display

by Bob Raikes

What They Say Trilite of Austria has combined with Dispelix of Finland to optimise the Trilite laser beam scanning (LBS) projector with the Dispelix waveguide. The Trixel 3 projector is said to be the …

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