Canon’s Newest Projectors are Portable

Canon’s newest LV projectors all feature a filter-free design and long-life (6,000-hour in eco mode) lamp, to prolong their lifetime and reduce maintenance. The five models (LV-WX300, LV-X300, LV-S300, LV-WX300ST and LV-X300ST) are 1DLP units with a six-segment colour wheel, all of which can output 3,000 lumens of brightness and have a 2,300:1 contrast ratio.

All of the LV models have four pre-set modes (Presentation, Standard, sRGB and Movie) and two customisable settings. They can also show 3D content. Each has a 2x digital zoom, -18 deg to 12 deg vertical keystone correction and a 10W speaker. They also share inputs: HDMI, mini-D-Sub, S-Video, RJ45 and USB-B. A 190W lamp is used.

Two of the projectors (LV-WX300ST and LV-X300ST) are short-throw products. They can throw a 70″/60″ image from 0.74m, or a 120″ image from 1.26m/1.48m, respectively. The WX300ST has a 0.49:1 throw ratio and the X300ST has 0.61:1. Both have a 1x optical zoom.

Of the standard throw units, the LV-WX300 (1.5-1.65:1) can throw a 60″-150″ image from 1.94-4.85m. The LV-X300 and LV-S300 can throw a 60″-150″ image from 2.27-5.67m (1.86-2.04:1). These products have a 1.1x optical zoom.

Resolution is 1280 x 800 on the LV-WX300 and LV-WX300ST; 1024 x 768 on the LV-X300 and LV-X300ST; and 800 x 600 on the LV-S300.

The short-throw models measure 282 x 268 x 118mm and weigh 2.8kg. The standard-throw units measure 282 x 232 x 115mm and weigh 2.5kg.

The LV-WX300 (£460 ($760)), LV-X300 (£400 ($665)) and LV-S300 (£300 ($500)) will be available from September, while the LV-WX300ST (£740 ($1,225)) and LV-X300ST (£700 ($1,160)) will go on sale in December. Prices are ex VAT.