Canon Positions Displays & Cameras for Rec 2020 Colour

Canon made a lot of noise about supporting Rec 2020 colour with its DV-V3010 UltraHD monitor, via a firmware upgrade (and reported in Large Display Monitor). As we suspected, this means that the monitor supports the Rec 2020 transfer function and maps to the colour gamut, but it does not support the full gamut of Rec 2020. The monitor is available with this setting from this quarter.

Canon was highlighting Rec 2020 and was showing the EOS C500 camera which supports UltraHD at up to 60 frames per second, the 10-bit 4K RAW data stream output can be recorded to an external device (sold separately) at full resolution. You can also record proxy files at 50 Mb/s to the camera’s internal CF card so rough-cut or dailies editing can begin immediately after a scene is complete. For the widest latitude for colour correction in post-production, the camera offers Canon’s Log gamma mode.

The EOS C500 camera supports “Canon Cinema Gamut” which is wider than Rec 2020, so the camera can fully support the gamut. (There’s a white paper on the gamuts at