Cambrios Still on a Rising Wave

We met with John LeMoncheck, CEO of Cambrios and, as he was at CES earlier in the year, he was very positive about the developments in the Cambrios ClearOhm silver nanowire developments. The company has opened an office in Korea to complement its offices in Japan and China. Additional investment has come in from Samsung.

The silver nanowire technology is very good in flexible applications (LeMoncheck showed us a chart showing a Cambrios film that had been through 100,000 bends without degradation), so the release of the Samsung Edge, with its use of a conformable display really fits its strengths. LeMoncheck also said that the warnings that it had given about potential problems with metal mesh technology seemed to be coming true and he said that a number of companies that had gone for metal mesh had now pulled back and are using ClearOhm. In addition to the advantage that silver nanowire has, which is very irregular patterns that mean that moir