Calibration for Consumers and Corporations, With Eizo

Eizo’s new sensor, the EX3, is a calibration unit that succeeds the EX2, for use with ColorEdge CS- and CX-series monitors. It supports newer models than its predecessor.

The EX3 is designed for use with both Eizo’s ColorNavigator 6 and ColorNavigator NX software. Pre-set target values for photography, print and web design are included with ColorNavigator 6; alternatively, users can set their own values for brightness, gamma and white point. ColorNavigator NX is for organisations that want to centralise monitor quality control; it covers calibration, film emulation, built-in sensor correlation and colour mode setting.

Connecting via USB, the EX3 supports monitors from 23″ (CS230) to 31.1″ UltraHD (CG318-4k). It is powered through the USB connection, and is available now.