Butterfly Shows Off Pico Projectors

Pico Projector sales have taken off in the last year or so, particularly in China, said pico projector maker Butterfly at InfoComm 2016. They are becoming popular in college dorms, as second TVs and for business presentations.

At the event, they were showing what they say is the first pico with autofocus. This is part of a new virtual touch remote they call PIQS, which acts like an air mouse for content selection. In development is a version of the remote for 2-3 people to use simultaneously (for gaming, for example).

Currently, the company offers picos with 50, 100, 500 and 600 lumens and hopes to get these available on Amazon in the second half of 2016. They anticipate selling the 500 lumen model for $799, and the 100 lumen model for $299 (which includes an Android O/S).

These pico all use RGB LEDs as the light source, but a model with a green laser and R/B LEDs is in development too. This will enable a 1000 lumen model which they plan to launch at CES 2017. – CC