Broadcasters Cautious About New Technologies

31% of broadcasters see no potential gain from HDR or HFR

A survey by Quantel and Snell predicts that 60% of broadcasters only consider UltraHD as relevant to the future (on a two-to-five-year timescale).

The survey only briefly touched on UltraHD TV – mostly it was examining attitudes towards IPTV. Only 19% of the respondents said that SDI routers would be replaced by IP within two years; 42% within five years; and 27% within 10 years. 9% said that SDI would never be completely replaced.

A question was also asked about image enhancements. When asked which would generate the most revenue choosing between HDR and HFR, 47% favoured HDR and 22% said HFR – but 31% saw no potential gain from either.