Blur Busters Pushes Refresh Rates

The Blur Busters website has reported on a new Zisworks UltraHD 120Hx monitor that has alternate modes that support frame rates at up to 480Hz, although at that frame rate, the resolution drops down to 920 x 540. The website modified its test software to test the 480Hz mode and found that the 480Hz mode does make a visible difference, although the drop in resolution makes it impractical for most purposes.

The Zizworks monitor is available as an ‘engineering sample’ purchase.

Analyst Comment

The site points out the visible difference at these high refresh rates is good news for the future of OLED, which can be very fast if the drive electronics can keep up. I make the bit rate of UltraHD with 960Hz and 10 bit grey scale around 80 Gbps (two channels of Thunderbolt?). That will take some time and demand some pretty impressive GPUs to render the scenes! (BR)

This the blur busters test pattern.