BenQ Pushes Touch to 79 Inch

Benq 21 9 35 inch

Much of what was new for the US at Infocomm from BenQ had already been seen by us at ISE earlier this year, which disappointed staff! However, there was a bit more information and a new 79″ UltraHD display (RP790 – BenQ Clear in B2B Push), which has infrared touch and will start to ship in Q3. There is also a 70″ RP702 that also has an integrated PC annotation program and also supports DisplayNote and BenQ’s own QWrite software. The displays can be managed remotely by an administrator.

There was emphasis on the DH551F dual-sided display as well as the BH280 and BH380 ‘stretch’ displays, and the transparent TL320C.

The company was highlighting its 100% sRGB HC1200 and other projectors, but these were announced well in advance of Infocomm (BenQ Prepares Colorific Models for Infocomm). The company told us that its 9730 projector has interchangeable colour wheels to optimise for brightness and colour, and now the firm has developed a colour wheel that can support sRGB. See our Display Summit report for more on BenQ’s views on sRGB (BenQ Wants Brightness Measured with sRGB).

Also on the booth was the 35″ 2560 x 1080 21:9 monitor that the company is promoting for game play (BenQ’s Curve Brings Gamers Into Action). BenQ has been working on dedicated products for gamers for several years.