BenQ’s Curve Brings Gamers Into Action

To bring racing gamers into the action, BenQ has entered the world of curved monitors. The XR3501 is a 35″ LCD monitor with a 2,000R curvature and wide 21:9 aspect ratio (2560 x 1080 resolution).

As well as being both wide and curved, the display has a 144Hz refresh rate to reduce motion blur. AMD’s Freesync technology, which reduces frame tearing, is also a feature.

BenQ’s Colour Vibrance feature can be used to adjust colour and detail settings, based on the user’s personal preferences. Additionally, like other gaming monitors from the company, BenQ’s Black Equalizer is built in, which brightens dark areas without over-exposing light sections. There is also a blue light filter.

The monitor has 300 cd/m² of brightness, a 2,000:1 contrast ratio and 178° viewing angles. Response time is 12ms. DisplayPort, Mini-mini-DisplayPort and HDMI (x2) connections are featured.

The XR3501 will go on sale worldwide in Q2.

Analyst Comment

I have been using a 21:9 34″ and I found even the 3440 x 1440 resolution a bit low for my taste (Wider Still and Wider….), so the BenQ wouldn’t meet what I’d want from a workstation monitor. But then, these days, I’m not a gamer. (BR)