Kickstarter Backing proves Consumers’ Desire for Holograms

An interactive holographic display has fired imaginations of Kickstarter backers (, raising more than CAD200,000 ($160,000) for development – more than $120,000 past the original goal, with almost a month still to go at the time of writing.

‘Holus’ is billed as a tabletop holographic display. It is able to convert ‘any’ digital content – sent to the unit through USB or HDMI – into 3D holographic content.

The device, which has built-in speakers, can be used to make video calls.Developer HPlus says that it wanted to create a product with as many viewing angles as possible, which can show content from all sides. A variety of different control methods have been tested – from Leap Motion’s gesture technology, to Emotiv’s brainwave-based controls. There is even a holographic digital assistant called Omni, which recognises voice commands.

Two versions will be built: a ‘home’ model, with two USB ports, and ‘Holus Pro’, with four USB ports, an HDMI port and SDK tool. HPlus says that the four-sided (pyramid) display will have 640,000 pixels to a side in the home edition, and 921,600 in the pro edition. The Pro model will be shipped in March 2016 (for an $846 pledge), while the Home model will be shipped in July ($685). The time between the launches is to give developers time to build apps for the platform.

Analyst Comment

This looks suspiciously like a “Pepper’s Ghost” type of optical system. If that’s so, customers may be somewhat disappointed. (BR)