BenQ Adds Two Home Cinema Projectors

BenQ has two new home cinema DLP projectors. The W1090 has 1920 x 1080 resolution and uses a six-segment 6X speed colour wheel with 2,000 ANSI lumens and 10,000:1 contrast from a 210W lamp. The throw ratio is 1.15 to 1.50 from the manual zoom lens which supports images up to 300″ and down to 30″. The projector provides vertical lens shift. Inputs include dual HDMI (one with MHL) and composite video in. There is a single 10W speaker with Maxx Audio and an RS-232 connector. The USB connector has a 1.5A power supply to support dongles.

Wireless connectivity is optional.

The W1210ST is optimised for gaming and is claimed to have the shortest input lag in the market and also has a “Game Mode” that optimises the visibility of details. Brightness is 2200 ANSI lumens with 15,000:1 contrast from a 240W lamp and six segment wheel (50Hz). There is vertical lens shift and the zoom ratio is 1.2:1 with a throw ratio of 0.69- 0.83, giving a 100″ image at 1.5 metres. The projector is rated for image sizes of 60″ to 120″.

As well as dual HDMI (one with MHL), the unit has VGA input and dual 10W speakers.

BenQ’s W1210ST

Analyst Comment

The W1210ST seems to be being sold in the US as the HT2150ST in the US at $999.