BenQ Accepts Competitors’ Lenses

The PU9730 is BenQ’s first projector with interchangeable lenses. To provide customers with more choice, the unit has seven different lens options, with throw ratios ranging from 0.75:1 to 8.67:1. So that customers are not locked into a single ecosystem, lenses for 1DLP projectors from Panasonic and NEC will also work. Lenses can be swapped through a quick-release button.

As a professional AV model, the PU9730 is very bright: 7,000 lumens. It also has two colour wheels, favouring brightness or colour, and a powered zoom and lens shift. It has a dual-lamp system (2 x 350W) to prevent interruptions and, when used in single mode, will balance usage between the two lamps. A set of six LED indicators on the front of the unit show when a lamp needs to be replaced.

Resolution is 1920 x 1200. with 10-bit colour display. The projector can throw an 80″ – 500″ image and features DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D, USB-B, RJ45 and RS232 ports. It will be available in mid-October.

Another projector, the MX842UST, is available now. It was developed exclusively for sale through Midwich and has a 3,000-lumen lamp, lasting for 7,000 hours.

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7,000 lumens is very bright for a 1DLP projector – there are some premium models that beat it (Panasonic’s 1DLP range reaches 10,000 lumens on the PT-DX100), but not many! (TA)