BC5 BOE Differentiates Professional and ‘Link’ Devices

Leono (Chao) Guo is Vice Chief Strategic Marketing Officer for BOE and he talked about the “PC” being an “irreplaceable Link for the post PC era”

PCs and smartphones have been enabled by Moore’s Law, to develop from ‘thinking to linking”. Communications and ‘linked’ devices have been increasing bandwidth although spending on consumer ‘linking devices’ has stagnated. The penetration rate has got very high in developed nations for these devices, but there is still lots of potential for growth in developing markets.

link devices smallerThere is still plenty of growth opportunity for link devices – click for higher resolution

The link device market is splitting between professional and convenient devices with PCs being the preferred professional device. Other devices than PCs are typically usable any time, anywhere. Laptops are the second most likely device to be bought. PCs are still the most efficient communication and interaction devices. Bigger batteries and screens can help video and PCs are still the preferred device for video consumption.

The display has to help with the input and output processes of link devices – especially as touch becomes more important. Adding WCG and HDR will be important as well as higher resolutions. Flexible displays will also become more important.

BOE has invested in 11 new fabs with eight in mass production already and three in development. BOE claims a market share of 22% in smartphone panels and 34% share in tablets. The firm claims to be #1 in patent applications in the display industry.