Barco Rolls New Cinema Projectors

Barco used CineAsia to announce seven new projectors including high-contrast and high-brightness flagship laser models, as well as five new laser phosphor models in the BLP, CLP, and SLP series (Barco Has Seven New Cinema Projectors). Barco also introduced a new version of the Barco Alchemy Integrated Cinema Media Processor (ICMP) with HDMI 2.0 support and APX AuroMax.

Barco DP4K 40LHC

In the foyer of the tradeshow entrance, visitors also saw a Barco Escape pod. Barco Escape features a triple screen setup with the screen angle maintained at 100-110º through the innovative use of the cinema space, projecting super-wide images via three DCI-compliant digital cinema projectors. This year has been fruitful for Barco Escape. In addition to collaborations with both old and new cinema partners from eight countries to create ultra-widescreen panoramic viewing experiences, the release of a blockbuster and the production of ten Escape films have been announced. The Hollywood drama ‘6 Below’, the first film entirely in the Barco Escape format, has also been completed.

In theater roll out news, Barco announced the first Korean all-laser multiplex in Korea: the new CGV Kwangyang cinema. Operated by YEOSU MBC, one of the nation’s top 3 television stations and a branch of Mumhwa Broadcasting Corporation, CGV Kwangyang will feature one Barco flagship laser and six laser phosphor projectors. This is the first theater built by the company.

The largest theater in the CGV Kwangyang multiplex will be home to a Barco flagship laser DP4K-30L projector, while the other six smaller theaters will be equipped with 20,000 lumen Barco DP2K-20CLP laser phosphor projectors. The new multiplex will open to the public at the end of December 2016. – CC